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Ok can you identify a third way – is it Zeus – lol What has your God done so far except maybe listened to you “meditations ”. Trump won in a landslide, including the popular vote. They have reported a helicopter pilot and student were killed on the helicopter. Do you really believe that the Flood was global. At the top of mountains are fossil fish. Just because there is some wisdom scattered throughout, does NOT mean that the entire book is full of wisdom, or of FACTS.

But they will not have written histories before the flood since everything was destroyed. There is ONE TRUE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, and the “god” of the bible ain’t Him. YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE CHINESE WERE WIPED OUT. , when we have written histories from the Persians and Hittites that pre-date the Flood, and continue through the time of the flood, and continue thereafter. The endless “Greater Israel Project Wars” will stop in the middle east. PANGEA EXISTED THOUSANDS OF YEARS PRIOR TO 2700 B.

Then, consider that your god was a “match” for you. All the geology of the earth points to a recent worldwide flood. Richard Bliss, former professor of biology and science education as Christian Heritage College, “It Takes A Miracle For Evolution.Substratum.
. The family owns your senate, house, media, military industrial complex and Hollywood. .WAX.


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62 Comments. Brother Nathanael March 25, 2015 @ 4:45 pm. Text –Text– Text. What Does It Mean To Be Jewish? Being Jewish can mean many things. For some it’s the ...
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Jewish Control Of Turkey’s Military & Flotilla Murders. Turkey/Zionist Articles, Military/Zionist Articles, Turkey's Choice: Russia Or NATO?, Jewish Young Turks ...
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One may be thinking, this is exactly why these troubled individuals need treatment, as the author suggests. No one can argue that one with such sickening desires does ...
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Elected governments are false fronts coordinated by a global shadow government.
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Nikola Tesla demonstrated and patented Free Energy; Electrons traveling from the Sun to the Earth. The Ionosphere is produced when Electrons knocking other Electrons ...
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Saturn rules the Age of Aquarius, so when does Aquarius begin? There are 1656 years listed in Scripture from Creation to Noah's Flood; God listed these years because ...

Last month, a "secret meeting" that involved more than 100 executives from some of the biggest financial institutions in the United States was held in
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Stock Market Plunge Protection Team Spotted Atop Mount Everest! Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2018 Feb 03, 2018 - 08:56 AM GMT. By: Barry_M_Ferguson
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Johann is an aspiring politician from Cochem, Germany studying Law in the States. He respects the natural order of things and despises those who do not (communists ...
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Lord Jacob Rothschild is feared dead after a plane crashed in mid-air over the Rothschild estate in Buckinghamshire on Friday afternoon.
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Black magicians rule the world, not politicians, bankers or military heads. Black magic harnessed through Satanic ritual is the dark force behind it all.
what does crypto luciferian mean

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